Mary Kay asked one thing of us...

Pass this dream on.


When I was a new Mary Kay Consultant, I always thought that successful Directors just walked up to random women and asked them to join Mary Kay.  That was how I thought it was done.   Haha!  Boy, was I ever wrong!!


I have never done that and I've helped hundreds of women start a Mary Kay business.  The ONLY WAY that I know how to recruit someone into Mary Kay and the ONLY way Mary Kay taught us is to hold facials or parties and introduce her to the products.  That's it.  Once she falls in love with the products, she is more apt to hear about the Mary Kay Opportunity.  You bring women into Mary Kay using Mary Kay products.  So if you want a team, your ONLY focus it to book appointments.  Again, YOUR ONLY FOCUS is to book appointments.  Hold one on one facials, double facials or parties or a mixture of all three.  It doesn't matter what you just matters that you hold it and start building a friendship one face at a time.  


And now, once you've introduced her to Mary Kay products, here is the secret to building your team.  


Once I've sat down with her and gotten to know her heart over a 45 minute facial or party, then I have a friendship developed and she has most likely fallen in love with the products.  She may have bought from me.  Or maybe she didn't buy from me.  Either way, doesn't matter to me.


Mary Kay asked us to ALWAYS pass it on.  So our job is to see her again.  I will say that again.  Our job is to see her again!  Yes, AGAIN.  AGAIN.  Because when you meet with a women two times, her trust in you doubles.  Three times, and it triples.  So, I may text her and ask if she'd like to go to coffee or ask her to be a model at our Monday Night Live event if I felt like I'd like to have her on my Mary Kay team.  My goal is quite simply to let her see for herself what Mary Kay is all about.  If it's for her, great.  If not, that's great too.  When I invite someone to coffee or to Monday, I look for sharp, successful, kind, caring and nice women that I would like to hang out with and be friends with.  If she has been successful in other areas of her life, she will be successful in Mary Kay.  


Text Option 1 which I send to everyone that is sharp and wonderful that I meet.

Sent the day after her first appointment with me:   It's Michelle with Mary Kay. Wondered if you'd be interested in meeting for coffee to hear a little bit more about Mary Kay? I think you are great and would love to give you the details. And even if it's not for you, I'll treat you to a fun coffee can even get a good one with whipped cream. Whatcha think?


Text Option 2

Super great to meet you yesterday girl! How's your makeup working out for you? Just wanted to check in...Also, I am in a little challenge with my Mary Kay friends.  Would you be able to help by providing feedback on a quick online video about Mary Kay. You just watch the short video (15 minutes) from your computer or phone and submit feedback on the website. And for helping me, you TOTALLY get a gift mailed from my office.  Whatcha think?


Text Option 3

Monday Night Invite:  Hi Sonya!  It's Michelle with Mary Kay.  I was curious if you'd be interested in being a model for me?  I have an event on Monday where we have to showcase women in our new Mary Kay eyeshadows and lips and wondered if you would be able to come as a model?  We serve pizza, give away prizes and you'll leave looking like a super moel.  Would you be available one Monday?

Hugs, Michelle


Now... let's say she responds back and wants to do coffee.  So, I meet with her and I treat her to coffee.  But before we meet, I ALWAYS have her watch a video on Youtube about the Mary Kay opportunity.  Let that video do all the work for you.  So, I just say, "Great, that day sounds good.  I'll see you then.  Oh, and let me send you a video  you can watch before we's about 15 minutes long so you can see a little more about Mary Kay too. :) "  Not sure what video to send?  Visit the link above titled Mary Kay Opportunity.  That is one option.  Need more?  Visit youtube and look for Mary Kay Opportunity Videos.


Now, you are at coffee.  You think she just signs up?  NO WAY.  Noone ever just joins.  They always, always, always will throw you an obstacle that you must overcome before she can join.   She will ALWAYS have an obstacle.  That is ALWAYS going to happen.  I'll say it again!  YOU must be prepared for an obstacle.  That is definitely 100% going to happen. 100%.  So, you have to know the typical objections and how to overcome them.  You must be prepared.  Mary Kay asked us to pass this opportunity on and in order to do that, you need to be prepared.


Here's some good objection practice scripts.  Say them out loud for days while you walk around the house:


So you sit down with her at the coffee shop and the first thing out of her mouth is, I am SO BUSY, I could never fit it in.  Now, if she is too busy, that is an OBJECTION.  That is NOT the word NO.  What she is telling you is that "If you can overcome my obstacle of being too busy, I will join Mary Kay."  


Maybe another objection she has is that she doesn't know anyone.  What she is telling you that "If you can tell me I can do this without knowing anyone and give me a solution, I will join Mary Kay."  


Maybe another objection she has is that I don't know a thing about makeup.  What she is telling you is that "If you can teach me about makeup or tell me a story about someone else who started knowing nothing about makeup, I may be interested in this."  


An OBJECTION is just that, an Objection.  An objection is NOT, "No".  It's not NO.  I'll say that again, when someone gives you an objection, that is NOT NO.  An objection is a chance for you to share more information so she can make an educated decision.  Again, an objection is NOT NO.  I've had a few consultants tell me that noone is interested, they are all too busy or they don't know enough about makeup or they don't have enough friends.  And that is an objection!  That is NOT A "NO, I am not interested in Mary Kay."


This is what NO sounds like, "Oh Michelle, Thanks for the offer but I am not interested in selling Mary Kay at all."  

OR "Thanks for offering Mary Kay to me, but I don't want to sell Mary Kay and I'd like to just be your client"

OR "Michelle, I don't really like Mary Kay products so I would not want to sell them."


That is NO.  So...when someone tells me a definitive NO, I am HAPPY!  I jump up and down because I know I can cross her off my list.  When I finally get a NO, then I know I can cross her off my list of potential recruits.  If I get an objection, I CAN NOT cross her off.  Because an objection is NOT A NO.  An objection just means she needs more information.  My goal is to ultimately get a NO out of everyone on my list.  A plain and simple NO!  I want them to tell me, "No, I am not interested."  And in focusing on getting everyone to give me a NO, guess what?  You find plenty of yes's.


So until she has given me a total NO, then it is my job to overcome her objection and to listen to her.  LISTEN to her.  LISTEN.  I listen.  I barely talk.  I offer info when she asks for it. 


And there is never a rush to join Mary Kay.  NONE.  There is no rush. She can join when the time is right for her.  I NEVER need anyone to join my team.  The only thing that matters to me is that she has all the facts so she can make an informed decision about Mary Kay.  And she may join my team or she may not join my team and either way, is totally cool with me.  And women feel that.  When they FEEL NO PRESSURE from you, they will join your team.  When they can see your genuine and caring, they will join your team.  When they feel listened to and cared for, they will join your team.  


What do I say over coffee?


I'm super casual in my conversation.  We chit chat for 5 minutes about anything.  Then I say, "Okay so here's my little guide that I'm supposed to follow that cool?  And then I read from the guide. 


God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.  So I listen, write and listen, write and listen, write.  

Then you will use the rule of Feel, Felt, Found.


Overcoming Objections - Feel, Felt, Found.

So she says, "Oh I am SO BUSY!  I could never find the time to add anything else."  

You will say, "I know how you feel!  I felt the same way about not having time.  And what I found was that Mary Kay has like ultra crazy awesome flexibility.  They have this awesome Friends and Family Plan that lets you sell on the go passing out catalogs and if you don't want to hold an appointment that month, you don't have to.  It's very flexible.  There are no quotas.  So I actually did that for several years and saved a bunch of money on my personal products and sold to like 5 people..."  I was just like you when i joined.  


Then I listen.  I primarily just answer questions during a coffee date.


How to I sign them up on the spot?

When they say, "Yes, I kinda think I might want to do this." OR "I'm not sure if I want to do this"

Then, I say, "Do you want me to show you what the sheet you sign up with looks like so you can see the details?"  

She always says Yes.  


I show her the paper beauty agreement and say, "This is the beauty agreement.  It's an agreement, not a contract, because contracts are binding and this is just an agreement.  You are agreeing that by signing up you will get your Mary Kay starter kit in the mail.  Then from there you choose what you want to do with your business.  So basically, you'd fill this out and you can pick if you want liquid foundation or mineral powder and the total comes to like $100 plus tax and's a little less than $120.  And if you didn't want to pay today, you can just pay whenever.  So you can put a card down or write a check and tell me to put it through on whatever day you want it to go through.  And in five days after it goes through, you'll be a Mary Kay lady."  And then, I go silent.  She may ask questions.  She may reach for a pen.  She may fill it out.  She may not.  She may take it home.  

Whatever she does, is totally cool with me.


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