Hello Friend!


So, you are probably wondering, why on earth is this website password protected now?


Well, here's the quick scoop.  I proactively called our company to make sure that I do things the right way with all my videos.  No, they didn't call me first or anything like that.  I just called to be proactive to make sure that I do things RIGHT and turns out you can't feature children in videos that mention our company and you can't publicly train.  So, I actually am working on editing all my videos to release them back out again.


Here's the new site where you can find those new videos:



But here is the most amazing news ever!  Our company said that I can still make videos and feature my son, if I do NOT say the name of our company.  So, stay tuned for those videos on the new site.  They will be awesome direct sales training videos that are just like the ones I have, but they won't say our company name.   I am working on those currently.  I honestly love you all so much and want to make sure I do what's best for your business while staying compliant.   :)


This site (michellesdreamteam.com) will now be password protected only for my unit only.  


And, just as a courtesy to make sure we follow the rules, if you have any of my videos, please keep them on a password protected site and remove them from public spaces like Youtube channels and Facebook Pages that are not private.  Thanks!!


We will have lots of fun videos coming out very soon!  We think it's FUN! #WeLikeFun  #FunIsHappy


Much Love, 

Michelle and Mr. Brady too :D