Our Story

I'm a Mom with two little ones, an 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl. 
And I had a dream.  
A dream to bring kids together in a whimsical little land where they could come and visit a princess and play!
So, I opened up our venue called Studio Pink Fairytales in January 2020. 
It's a 1,000 square foot adorable venue with a party room and a magical princess room.
And we opened and it was everything I ever dreamed of: kids, hugs, laughter, princesses, sold-out events and the magic I envisioned. 
Children and adults alike adored our studio, the princesses, and the entire experience.
And then, the pandemic hit.  And the action inside the once-bustling venue was suddenly stopped. 
The laughter, the hugs, the joy, the dancing, the giggles....silent. 
And, my princesses turned to me and asked what we could do. 
And as a mother, I feel like a mother not only to my own kids and the kids that visit, but also to my princesses who count on the paycheck.
So, I came up with a solution.
A solution to give my princesses their income back.
And a solution to bring joy every day to little children at home.
And a solution to give fellow Mom's an hour of peace every day.
And so, thevirtualprincesss.com was born.
So, I hope this brings you joy, peace & fun into your world.
And if it does, my heart is full.  Thank you for your support.
Lots of love & blessings,
Michelle & my family