today is the day you CHANGE your life!




WELCOME to the family!


Print your Handy New Consultant START UP SHEET HERE.

Congratulations on making a HUGE change in your life!  Your dreams are about to come true...

Welcome to Mary Kay Cosmetics and The Powerhouse Dream Makers Unit. You are about to Start Something Beautiful and there is no one else more eager to see you succeed than me, your Mary Kay Sales Director. You totally ROCK for joining our team and my role is to be your business coach!  You have just joined a TOP TEAM NATIONWIDE, A Pink Cadillac Team, A Record Breaking Unit and we are honored to have you and show you the way!


I have put together this website page just for you to make sure that you are off to  the right start. It compliments the Start Something Beautiful Magazine and I recommend that you read and watch both, a few pages a day, so that you can fully absorb the information. Don’t worry about knowing everything before you can get started. Booking appointments, holding skin care parties, and sharing the Mary Kay business opportunity is where you want to spend the majority of your time. And you can consult this website and your Start Something Beautiful Magazine for great tips on all those areas of business.

You’ll want to listen to the Inventory Video right away! Mary Kay gives incredible specials (in the form of free product) to New Consultants that invest in their business, but there is a deadline on these offers that expires after 15 days. In the Inventory Video, I will share about these options and definitely jot down any notes you want to run by me after watching it.


Then, get to your local meeting this week! Mary Kay Ash always said that if you show up, you go up! Because there are no “have-to’s” in our business, only “get-to’s” and “want-to’s,” your training events will give you the confidence to grow and realize your full potential. I’m so excited to watch your success unfold. Thank you for being a part of our unit, and again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

With love and respect,

Michelle Cunningham

Welcome Video - Part 1 of 3

Inventory Options  Video

Step 1 - Welcome to the family!!

  • Did you not get your welcome email?  No it is: Click Here

  • We are so blessed to have you as part of the family!  Your new consultant checklist (Click Here to Access) has the first steps for you to work on in your first week. 

  • Watch our Welcome Video (all three parts on this webpage) plus watch the Inventory Video.  After you have watched the videos, call Michelle or text her within 24 hours to receive your Special Gift from her office.  The gift is a SECRET. :D  So you have to request your SECRET GIFT!

  • Fill out your Goal Questionnaire for your first prize, Mary Kay Car Decal.  You can also fill it out and take a photo with your phone and text it to Michelle at 860-463-5843.  Receive a prize once this step is completed.  To Claim Prize: Click here ----> Prize Claimer and request your Mary Kay Car Decal.


A Message from Michelle: "Because you are part of a record breaking unit, you are expected to be great.  You were born with seeds of greatness planted within you. I have high expectations for you and everyone in our unit because I know that you are capable of achieving far more than you believe.  It takes persistense.  It takes determination.  It takes doing what is hard and necessary, instead of what is quick and easy. I promise, all of this will be worth the effort.  Making small choices to commit to growing your business today will reap major rewards for your family for years and years to come. Don't give up what you want most, for what you want now. "  


WELCOME VIDEO: Part 2 of 3 - What are your next steps and navigating this page



















Step 2 - Where do I start?

  1. First step is to simply make a list of everyone you know with skin.  It should have 75 or more people on it.  Complete this step before moving on.

  2. ​Now, grab a calendar and mark off two hour windows you are free to hold appointments.  Here is the weekly plan sheet: Click HERE. It can be three on one day, two on another, etc.  However it works out for you.  To give you an idea, I like to personally hold 5 appointments on a Saturday  (10am, 12pm, 2pm) and one on Monday and Tuesday at 6pm.  The rest of the time, I'm a Mommy.

  3. From that list of people and those dates on your calendar, you will need to book your Perfect Start (15 faces in two weeks) and Power Start (30 faces in four weeks), a requirement for all new Mary Kay Beauty Consultants. A Perfect Start is to have 15 people try Mary Kay on their face with you in your first two weeks.  You'll want to book 8 appointments to hold 5 with 3 people at each = 15 faces. 3 appointments normally cancel.  In addition, you will achieve a Power Start Plus when we meet 6 women for coffee to practice sharing the Mary Kay opportunity.  We do this, so you can learn how to do it.  It's part of your BASIC TRAINING.  And you get prizes for all of that, so GET THOSE PRIZES.  Michelle pays for coffee with anyone we meet too!

  4. Want a cute tracking sheet to keep track of your Perfect Start, Power Start and Power Start Plus? Click HERE.

  5. To book your perfect start by text message or on Facebook, use this script:



MAGICAL Scripts for all the referrals you will receive


MAGICAL Scripts to Follow Up With New Clients


The follow up on these scripts is SUPER IMPORTANT, dare I say "MANDATORY", for your appointments to HOLD :)  

Otherwise, all your appointments will cancel. So definitely print these and use the daily to confirm, preprofile  and ask your guests questions before their appointments.  


​Step 3 - I need to know how to hold an appointment

  1. Call your recruiter and schedule a time to watch her hold 2 parties within your first two weeks. Mary Kay requires this for your training.  If you are out of state, click here to watch Michelle's Online Party Video created exclusively for you.

  2. Do you spend a lot of time in your car?  Michelle has a CD of her Skin Care Party that she can mail to you!  To get it, just request it!  Click the Contact form to request your SKIN CARE PARTY CD! Click Here to Request CD

  3. Additionally, receive more training on

  • Click on Eduction Tab.

  • Click on Silver Wings Scholar.

  • Click on New Consultants.

  • Complete the New Consultant over the next few days.


Step 4 - Share the Mary Kay Opportunity

As part of your basic training, you earn a Mary Kay Money Bag for completing 5 sharing opportunities with your Sales Director (Michelle) in the first 30 days.  Then you will earn a Mary Kay Calculator for completing 5 more sharing appoinments in the first 30 days.


To schedule this, you pick 10 of the sharpest women (over 18) you know to give their feedback on the Mary Kay opportunity.  

Step 1.  Let them try the products first.  We share with women who have familiarity with Mary Kay products.

Step 2.  Ask them this by text or phone: "Hi Sarah! With my new Mary Kay venture, I need to practice sharing the Mary Kay opportunity with 6 of the sharpest women I know to get their feedback.  Even if you aren't interested, it's okay!  Any chance you could donate 20 minutes of time to give feedback on our company information?"

Step 3.  Discuss with Michelle if you will hold these appointments in person at a coffee shop or over the phone.  In person is preferred, but if you are out of state, we also do over the phone or Facetime. :)

Step 4. Book the time.

Step 5. Before we chat with her, message her this, "Oh and before we meet can you watch a quick video on my directors website and submit feedback?  You get a free gift for listening before we chat. Click Mary Kay Opportunity.  THANKS! 

Once you have held 6 Practice Sharing Appointments completed, you will receive a Money Bag plus your Power Start Plus Charm. 


WELCOME VIDEO: Part 3 of 3 - The importance of team buiding
























Step 5- Open a separate Checking Account

Open a separate personal checking account to keep your personal and business accounts separate.  This is helpful when it comes to tax time.


Step 6 - Attend Your First Local Meeting

Attend a local Mary Kay meeting every week.  You'll receive your hands on New Consultant Training Classes during these short 2 hour events.  Dress for success in a skirt or dress for all Mary Kay events.  You'll want to start wearing only Mary Kay skincare, makeup and perfume products and here is a great guide that shows you what you'll need: A Guide To Your New Look


So dress the part with fabulous makeup and a skirt or dress for the event.  Pants are not part of our culture in Mary Kay. We dress like ladies...we are true professionals in the beauty industry so we look a cut above the rest.   And at this event, every other week,  you'll receive training, inspiration, and grow amazing friendships.  If you want to make Mary Kay work for you, then this event is a requirement every week.  I would recommend NEVER missing this event.  It is the key to your success.  Most consultants will treat this event like they do a job.  They are there every other week.  It's the best way you can spend 1.5 hours of your time.  And you can always bring guests along for a pampering session (we have seats for 34 guests), so you can earn while you learn.


If you live close to Cleveland, Ohio: Text Michelle that you will be coming so we can have your New Consultant Pin Ready for you!  To see more, visit Training Events on this website for all the details.


If you are out of town (many of you are): Let Michelle know 5 towns you'd be able to travel to and she will find you an awesome local director to adopt you plus an incredible event you can attend in your area.  It may be on a different night of the week.


Step 7 - Get Your Website Set Up & Order Business Cards

Visit  This is your behind the scenes free website which gives you access to all things Mary Kay.  It runs your entire business including ordering, customers and education.  Mary Kay is one of the MOST tech savvy companies in the world, so take advantage of our incredible Website and Apps!


Sign up for your personal website.  Your clients will be able to shop 24/7 with you.  To sign up for your personal website so clients can shop with you:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on Business Tools.

  3. Click on Personal Website Manager. 

Cost is $30 for the entire first year. 

To see an example of what it looks like, here is mine:


Order your business card kit.  You can purchase your business card kit by visiting:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the Ordering Tab

  3. Click on MKConnections.

I recommend the $39.99 kit that includes business cards, a stamper, product labels and a name tag.


Step 8 - You'll want to accept Credit Cards so your clients can pay by Credit Card

  1. Visit  

  2. Click on the Ordering Tab

  3. Click on Propay

  4. Click Sign Up.

Sign up for Propay which will give you the ability to take credit cards.  Propay is $39.95 for the year. 


Step 9 - Become Color Confident

Mary Kay has an amazing training program for all of our products and colors!  Complete this training program and you can put the Color Confident Logo on your Business Cards so everyone will know you are a Color Expert!

  1. Visit  

  2. Click the Products tab.  

  3. Click Product Central.  

  4. Click Color Confident.  Once the program opens, the links are at the top of the page in Light Pink.  Click a category to begin.  

  5. To Claim Prize: Click here for the Prize Claimer and request your Mary Kay Color Confident Certificate.


Step 10 - Get Awards and Ribbons!  Weekly Accomplishment Sheet!!

Once a week you will submit your weekly accomplishments for recognition and to receive Bonus Bucks and ribbons.  You can submit Weekly Accomplishment sheets online.

1. Visit

2. Click on Business Tools.

3. Scroll to Weekly Accomplishment Sheets.

4.  Enter in your sales for the week.

5.  Send them every Sunday, even if you sold nothing for the week because you will always get $100 in Bonus Bucks for submitting them. Bonus Bucks are cashed in during our once a year Spectacular July Year End Event.  

Out of State Consultants, you can send weekly accomplishments to me plus to your adopted director.  Your Bonus Bucks will mail from my office.


Step 11 - Pat yourself on the back!  Continue to be great. You are headed to the top!  Contact Michelle after your 30 days is completed for a really fun coffee chat (over the phone or in person) to go over your success so far and dreams for your business.  Congratulations!