Mercedes Magical Booking Scripts 


Fabulous Game



This is such an exciting story. 

Mercedes R. Buchanan just moved from New York all the way to Texas. She lives in a totally new town and doesn’t know a soul. And she is totally crushing her business!  (And she has a small baby!)


I asked her what her secret is and she uses a mixture of lead boxes and the fabulous game. 
And then she revealed to me that she is booking one out of every five people from the fabulous game! Those numbers are unheard of!


So naturally, I asked her what her script was that she was using for the fabulous game and she is revealing it all to all of us!!


Here you get ACCESS to Mercedes’ magical scripts that she uses to book 1 out of 5 people for the FABULOUS REFERRAL GAME!!


She is selling like crazy and seeing faces like crazy and she is committed to entering the Director in Qualification (Team of 8) program by the end of this month!


I believe that the reason she is so successful is that she has a really good script which gets people in front of her.  And, get this, she has 47 faces booked for THIS WEEK!


She even said that when she made her scripts longer, people were not coming.


She was giving too much details and it was scaring them away. Isn’t that interesting?


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