Someone you are in the middle of a conversation with recently say this:

Would you want a free fall makeover?  It's for a look book of makeup looks i'm putting together...

Hi Kaytie! How are you? Okay, random question, but could I do a Fall Makeover with you?

I’m putting together a fall look book of makeup looks in the next 30 days and thought I'd ask you if you'd be one of my faces?  Its free and you'll look fab! Let me know if calling you is better and we can set it up.  Thanks girlfriend! 

Okay awesome!  Basically, we pick a 2 hour window that works best for you.  I'll even throw in our aging skincare treatments plus expert foundation matching...oh and a satin hands treatment...we'll do the full treatment!  (Pick one: I can travel to you. I do these at my in home studio.) Weekend or weekday better for you?  And do you want to be a dramatic look or neutral everyday look for me?

PERFECT!  You rock.  I put you down for an everyday look and how does Saturday, October 17th at 2pm work for you? or is Sunday, October 18th at 2pm better?

Sweet, you are confirmed for Sunday, October 18th from 2 to 4pm at this location...Oh and because I need 100 models for this, I would TOTALLY hook you up with your choice of gift if you could gather a few friends to get a fall makeover.  Have anyone in mind that might enjoy this?  You can bring up to 5 others along!  Let me know ASAP so I can reserve spots for them and get their products ready. 

Gift options:

1. $25 Gift Card To Spend at your appointment 

2. A FREE Mascara

3. $75 worth of Makeup for only $35

4. A FREE Lipgloss or a SWAG Bag filled with Chocolates and Travel Samples