Hi Fabulous Sister Director!  

I put together this page of frequently used documents I've developed over the years since I became a director.  Feel free to use any, put them on your own website and make changes to any of them.  If there is anything that you have questions about, message me anytime!


Lots of Love and respect,

Michelle Cunningham

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Unit Community - This newsletter company is great.  They've been making my newsletter for years.  Their website is so easy to use!  It's $30 a month and completely worth it for the professionalism of the newsletter and the time it saves me!  Also, the consultants love to receive it in the mail and get competitive when they see their name slip in ranking on the newsletter.  I mail it to my top 10 consultants for the month.  I email it to everyone else.  To print 10 at Office Max on pink paper in black ink costs me roughly 5 dollars.  And to mail is $4.50.  So every month, I spend about $40 to look professional and keep my team excited.  Money well spent, I believe.


If you know someone that already uses this service, give them her name when you sign up because she will get a free newsletter.  If you don't know anyone, Hi...I'm Michelle.  Let's be friends. ;)  Haha.. Of course, I'll totally mail you a gift if you use my name.  (You'll be saving me $30 so I can certainly send something nice to you!)  But again, if you know someone else that uses this service already, use her name. She will thank you for it! 


Main Street Software is my Customer Database software that I use.  Their program is called Boulevard.  I LOVE it.  I can literally jump on my computer and look up a customer the second she calls, tell her exactly the color she had ordered 3 years ago with one click of a button. Also, it tracks your inventory, expenses, leads, all customer birthdays, notes, weekly accomplishments....  It's pretty insanely awesome.  


If you know someone that uses Boulevard, give their name when you sign up.  I am not sure what they get but it might be a free yearly update or something like that.


As an Iphone user, I was never able to find a program that invidivually texted people and personalized it with their name.  Everything took a while to load or would not work.  Once I became a Top Director, another Top Director shared their secret program with me that many leaders use.  It was like this little secret club I knew nothing about. It's $100 a month, but well worth it to be able to text all 900 of my customers at once with a personalized text in matter of seconds.  It literally will say, "Hi Sarah! Just was thinking about you..."  My clients love it and feel so loved!  And it comes from a real phone number and routes through your computer so you can use it from any phone or any computer.  It's great.


I can also reach all my consultants with the program and I can set up campaigns so it automatically sends a series of texts out to people.  For example, after I sell to a client, it checks in with them 2 day later, then 2 weeks later and then 2 months later.  It's made me so much money because I can easily hold a sale with my clients or announce new products in a matter of seconds.  I just make sure I hold one sale a month so it pays for the $100 fee easily.  Being super busy with my kids, this has freed me up to spend more time with them while still staying connected to my team and clients with personalized messages.


Touchpoints has amazing customer service and Wade Turley is the sales guy who sets you up and keeps in contact by gving you a presentation online and goes over all the features.  You get to decide after the presentation if it is something for you.  To contact him, you can text or call him at 801-285-0466.  He is also on Voxer at wturle195.  If you know someone that uses Touchpoints, give their name so they get referral credit.