12 Days to JUMPSTART


How it works: 

Everyday, I will text you a challenge.  If you missed a day, just rewind to that day.  As long as you have it finished by January 15th, you are GREAT! If you accidently go out of order, just pick a new challenge to complete that day.  


Each day, when you text your director that you completed a challenge, tell her which challenge you completed and you will get credit for that day!

  • Complete 5 challenges - Earn a Fab Piece of Jewelry 

  • Complete 8 challenges - Earn a Cute Clutch 

  • Complete 12 challenges - Earn a REAL DESIGNER Purse! (yes, Kate Spade, Coach..etc.)

To earn your prize you MUST let your DIRECTOR know by January 15th how many you completed and what you earned so she can order your prize.


CHALLENGE 1: Showcase your FAV MK Product on Social Media today! Take a selfie w/ it, post on FB/Instagram & Tag ME. Here's an idea of what to say: "AHH! This should be everyone's New Years MUST HAVE LIST - Mary Kay's (insert product)!" (Rave on why it's so fab.) #mymklife #2017musthave Text your director a picture when done!  

Helpful Tips for this challenge:

So, I got my product feature post up on Facebook and Instagram! It was so easy. I'll be PERSONALLY messaging everyone who likes and comments (those who don't already have a Mary Kay girl they work with) to connect with some chit chat and see if they'd like to snag some of those products. The intention of today's challenge is two fold: To not be an INCOGNITO Mary Kay Lady and to cultivate relationships and organic sales as a result. Can't wait to see your post!

Okay, so here is what I am private messaging to anyone who likes or comments on my post: "Hi Sally! Happy Holiday!! Thanks for liking my Mary Kay mineral powder post! I'm offering a crazy packaged deal on the set of products I showcased for anyone who likes or comments on my post. So that's you :) It's a TOTAL STEAL for the end of the year. Do you want the details?'

And then private message each person...and you can make up a promotion for it... It could be: "The package is normally $42 for mineral powder, concealer and magic mineral makeup brush. Your special trial price is only $29 plus free shipping. Special pricing until 2016 ends. Do you want a set?"


2nd CHALLENGE: Sell ONE Skinvigorate brush! Call clients, call family, or meet someone! Tell them about this tool that cleanses 85% better than using your fingers AND costs 80% LESS than the competition! Text me a picture of your sales ticket as PROOF of completion for today! (Yay for $25 FAST CASH!)

Helpful Tips for this challenge:

This video made by my friend Randi perfectly showcases all of the "amazingness" of this brush!! https://rghst.mobi/Pt4IHno

Hey Marisela!! I wanted to share this quick video with you - it's one of my friends demoing our skinvigorate cleansing brushes! Since you have all your product in place, this is literally your next essential tool, and I thought of you! I'm offering it at 10% off today (normally $50) - it would complete your set perfectly!! Let me know if you wanna snag it! https://rghst.biz/bfEoug5



DAY 3 CHALLENGE: Have two people watch a marketing video and fill out a google doc survey! I'll send the link. Also, if you and your director meet someone for coffee, that counts. You will get credit once the surveys have been submitted and stamped with today's date! People must be NEW to hearing the MK opportunity and over 18. (Psst - If you get 4 people - you get double credit in our 12 Day Challenge. That means you can skip a day and still win!)

Helpful Tips for this challenge:

Today's challenge is my FAVORITE!! Here's an easy to follow step by step plan to accomplish it! 1) Make a list of 5 women you haven't shared MK with yet OR who are loyal clients and you WANT on your team. 2) Pick a marketing video from all the ones I posted on our Do Life Big Facebook page.

Here's a script you can use: Hi Sarah! I hope you had an awesome holiday! I am in a 12 day challenge for my Mary Kay biz and today I have to have 4 sharp women give feedback on our marketing plan. So, I immediately thought of you. You'll get entered to win our new LASH Intensity Mascara from my director just for watching and answering an opinion survey. Would you be willing to help me? I want YOU to win! :)

And after they watch one of the videos, you can have them click this link to submit feedback directly to Michelle Cunningham. If I am not your director, click this link to view the questions and then personally ask them their answers or speak with your director about how to follow up. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRu9tUKY-n3si0Mnhc9SVRO4lY5IytztmT_DjfgNt7lEaZeQ/viewform?c=0&w=1


Day 4 Challenge: Repeat after me- "I CAN DO HARD THINGS!" Have a STAR day! Sell $300 retail in product TODAY! Call for re-orders, book a last minute double facial- get creative... but whatever you do- DON'T GIVE UP! Proof of completion is to text me with a photo of your sales slips! Take a deep breath- You can do anything you set set your mind to.

Helpful Tips for this challenge:

A great script you can use for this challenge is: Hi Sarah! Okay, so I am SUPER close to qualifying for a FREE Designer purse and have to complete a HUGE Mary Kay sales challenge today.  Any chance you need to purchase a lip gloss or mascara?  Or anything you need to replenish?  Thanks either way!! 


Day 5 CHALLENGE: Sell 5 mascaras! "Hi there! I am in a challenge to showcase our mascara to 5 new people. Everyone loves mascara, right? It's only $15-18 and the BEST on the market! It comes with a money back guarantee, want to give it a try? Look at these before and afters! I'm totally obsessed.  It's amazing!"  Check out this link: https://s3-external-1.amazonaws.com/media.twiliocdn.com/ACd8314cedb498602a0a7ddd0ea01eb00d/669a8ec8ef8c8524e2474ff6b3e39075


Day 6 CHALLENGE: Get 20 NEW referrals! Use this script w/ current customers or family: "Happy New Year (Kami)! I'm starting 2017 off with New Fresh Faces and a New Year portfolio! I am looking to get 20 new referrals to help me expand my Portfolio & I was wondering if you would help me out? Can you think of anyone who would appreciate a custom foundation matching or spa quality anti-aging treatment. I am giving away a free cosmetic item for every 15 that you give me! Would you be able to help me out?"

Proof of completion will be a photo of your new lead list text back to me! Let me know MIchelle if you need support! SOO excited for today! New year - new LEADS - new Appointments - new Sales - new team members! OH MY!


Day 7 CHALLENGE: Book 5 NEW YEAR NEW YOU facials/makeovers! Use the leads you got yesterday! If you did not get referrals, get them and book today! Must be booked between today and 1/8. Proof of completion will be a screenshot of your datebook with the hostess name, address, and phone number!!


DAY 8 CHALLENGE: Sell 5 items! Any 5 items! Grab a catalog and sell away! Proof of completion will be a text of your sales slips to me by today!  Check out this perfect post of what to say on Facebook!  https://s3-external-1.amazonaws.com/media.twiliocdn.com/ACd8314cedb498602a0a7ddd0ea01eb00d/fcd5d94e7408df45a1678ab84b572e68ut


DAY 9 CHALLENGE: Demo Satin Hands on 5 people who have NEVER tried it before! Get a testimony from them and offer a special if they buy a set! Have them text you their testimony! Proof of completion will be screenshots sent to me of ALL 5!


Day 10 CHALLENGE: Sell a Repair Skincare set! That's $100 PROFIT in your hand TODAY! What's stopping you MIchelle? You CAN do this!! Think - Who needs the most luxurious line in Mary Kay? Which husbands FAILED on their Christmas gifts and need to be saved? Proof of completion will be a CDS order or a screenshot of the repair set added to your reorder on intouch!


Day 11 CHALLENGE: Add a new team member OR help an inactive team member get active.  To add a new team member, this is how the averages work out. Do 3 in person coffee meetings with your director OR 5 Google Hangouts (Video Chats) OR have 10 people watch an Online marketing video.  These are averages.  But when QUALITY people are chosen, they tend to be accurate.  

Or Help a current team member who is inactive become active.  Help them by giving them a script to collect re-orders, reminding them that they get to purchase at wholesale, or maybe they just want to reignite their business.  Let me know what you decide to focus on today and if there is any resources you need from me!


FINAL DAY: Day 12 CHALLENGE:  Place your re-order!  You have been working, you have been selling, it's time to show it with a reorder.  Order must be a minimum of $600 wholesale (cumulative is okay too) and must've been placed during the challenge period.  Any orders places from December 30th through this final day will count! 

How to claim your prizes!!

Congratulations!!  You've completed the MISSION!  Count out how many days you completed and send a text to your director letting her know and let her know what prize you won! 

Also, let us know what you learned from this challenge, what your goal and deadline is and if you'd like to be included in future challenges! 

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