21 Day Challenge Texting Scripts

Mary Kay

This is a new way to reach clients shared by some top leaders in Mary Kay and its taken OFF!


It suggests that 85% of bookings/sales happen on the fifth try, yet most sales people stop asking after try #1 and #2. 


Instead of just texting your clients ONE TIME, if you reach out to them over the course of 7 days, you will actually book several on the second try and more on the third try. And even MORE when you pair that with phone calls. 

I haven't personally been making the calls that are recommended to go with this, cause the kids are with me most of the time, but I have had lots of success booking appointments just by text and I've met wonderful women along the way! 


P.s. I am sure you would probably book even more if you could make the 3 phone calls recommended.  You can even use an app called SLY DIAL to dial directly into their voicemail. 

21 Day Challenge Scripts Michelle Likes Best

Day 1: Hi [name]! You don't know me, but Sara Smith recommended I text you. She is helping me with a huge goal; I am working on becoming the youngest (or you could say fastest) Mary Kay girl in the area to earn a FREE Car (or you could say Pink Cadillac)! I need to do 100 free facials each month as part of my qualification. Any interest in a free facial? Thanks either way!

Day 3: Hi [name], this is Michelle again with Mary Kay. I just wanted to follow up with you regarding the free facial that was gifted to you by Sarah. Is texting or calling you better to get the details to you? I know you're probably super busy. So if it's helpful, I will follow up again in a few days. Thanks!

Day 7: Hi [name]...this is Michelle trying one last time to reach you regarding the free facial gifted to you by Sarah. I’m getting close to finishing my 100 facials and I still have more to go. I'm reaching out to see if you'd be able to help? I hate to bug you if you are not interested, so let me know either way! Thanks!